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Introducing LearnHub

We are living in modern times where information is all around us, there is so much information that we would love to learn and it comes from different types of sources but it's very hard to remember everything.

I am a person who is obsessed with consuming information and learning from different types of learning resources:

  • video courses
  • blog articles
  • books
  • conference talks
  • discussions in various communities

but I've never really written down what I've learned, the only thing I've done was saved some of the content for later and forgot about it.

The main problem is that the useful content is scattered around the web and I have to remember where it is or which app did I use to save my content in to find it.

I've tried using different types of platforms for:

  • bookmarks
  • taking notes
  • knowledge base

but I've always gave up using them at the start because of how much work it has to be done in order to organize and add useful content, not to mention that I would get lost in my own system after a while.

The main goal with LearnHub is to build the All-In-One platform where you could organize and learn from the different types of learning resources and most importantly, focus on your learning process and collecting useful content rather than the organizing part.

LearnHub will handle most of the organizing for you so that all you have to do is collect useful content and learn.

LearnHub is for self-learners and researchers primarily, people who like to save useful content and write down what they've learned from it in a single place and get back to reference it again later when they need it.

It will also have a lot of external integrations with platforms which can bring all of your read later / watch later type of lists to the platform.

There will be features that will cover both individual learners and teams which will allow the learners to share the content in one place.

Here's a scenario how I would use it:

  1. Find an interesting article on a specific topic
  2. Save the link and other basic information to a Learning Collection
  3. Read the article
  4. Write down snippets of the most important things I've learned from the article
  5. Search for the knowledge about the specific topic when I need to remind myself
  6. Generate the notes in a PDF format with everything I've written down from all learning resources in a specific collection to be able to remind myself on that topic if I need to
  7. Share the notes from my learning for the specific topic

The same workflow goes for videos or video courses where I wouldn't need to rewatch the video or the whole video course just to pick a snippet from it or remind myself about the specific thing that I care about at the moment. It will save me time.

The idea is not new or revolutionary but I've been thinking about this problem for a few years now and I want to attempt to solve this problem by combining multiple existing types of platforms into one by create the best learning experience for solo and team learners and save them as much time as possible.

If all of this sounds great to you and you would like to keep up with the progress as I build LearnHub, you can follow the journey above or check out the social links in the footer.

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Senior software engineering contractor who is obsessed with learning and enjoys building complex products.